Itella Smartpost parcel machines for PrestaShop 1.6

Itella module that works with the new Smartpost API (in use from 27.03.2023).

Includes EE, FI, LT and LV parcel machines, courier and data exchange (display of tracking code and printing of the parcel label from the e-shop).

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€152.50 (tax incl.)
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Itella Smartpost parcel machines and data exchange for PrestaShop

  • The module works with the standard PrestaShop shopping cart. Other shopping carts / special solutions may require corresponding adaptations and special developments.
  • The module works with PrestaShop 1.6. There is a separate module for prestashop 1.7 which is available here  .
  • A contract with Smartpost is required. Their system gets the appropriate API keys to configure the module. Without them, you cannot update the parcel machines and use the data exchange functionality.
  • The manual is available as a PDF in the module folder.

To the merchant

  • The merchant can display EE, FI, LT and LV parcel machines and courier as separate delivery methods in the shopping cart. As of 05.05.2023, it is not possible to set separate ranges of parcel machines as was the case with the old module.
  • The merchant has the opportunity to save time by generating parcel labels. The module sends the paid order to the Smartpost system and the tracking code is immediately returned. It is also possible to print a package label directly from the e-shop.
  • The parcel machine chosen by the customer is displayed in the order confirmation page and BO order detail page.


  • You are able to specify which country's (EE, FI, LV, LT) parcel machines to use.
  • It is possible to make the list of machines automatically update (but it is necessary to configure cron on the server).
  • Automatically send the order data to the Smartpost system and receive a tracking code back.
  • You can print a parcel label from the e-shop.
  • It is possible to see the selected parcel machine on the order confirmation page.
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