ERPLY Simple Prestashop integration module works with ERPLY v3.2 and Prestashop 1.6.x - 1.7.x versions

With this simple module you can easily configure ERPLY POS with your Prestashop store.

This is the base module for all the further integrations.

The  requirement for this module to work is that the products must be created in both of the systems with the same product ID

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€119.99 (tax incl.)
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ERPLY Simple Prestashop integration module

Module functionality is small/ limited, whereas it has all the basics you need to start your work. Yet our team can build additional extensions, custom solutions, and can also assist with your configuration and integration processes.

If you have a specialized need that isn’t listed below, or if you would like a custom solution for one of our other products, contact our sales team to request a consultation for your custom needs.



Products synchronization:

The add-on itself does not create products. It transfers the data. The following product data is transferred from ERPLY to Prestashop:

  • product reference code;

  • product quantity (does not consider the warehouse);

  • product price (with/ without VAT);

  • product "show in webshop" status.


  • you can hide products in Prestashop, if they are not found in Erply ("Hide products" YES/NO switcher in admin area)

  • you can deactivate updating of products taxes ("Sync taxes" YES/NO switcher in admin area)

Orders synchronization:

When placing an order in Prestashop, the module syncs the following set of data:

  • product reference code, quantity and price (with/ without VAT);

  • product price sale % (if any);

  • order shipping method, shipping cost;

  • order total cost (with/ without VAT).


  • when generating an invoice in Prestashop, the module automatically adds one to ERPLY;

  • when placing an order in Prestashop and indicating a new price (sale etc price change), the new rate is automatically shown in ERPLY;

  • when changing order's status, the information is automatically sent to ERPLY;

  • when changing order's status, a message is automatically send to customer.

In addition to the above, this module syncs both of the order's reference codes and puts them into your ERPLY's invoice "notes" field.


Merchant benefits

ERPLY Simple Prestashop integration module allows both product and order information to move automatically within the integrated systems, so that the merchant does not have to duplicate his work, therefore the amount of inaccurate orders is excluded.

This version of ERPLY Simple Prestashop integration module enables you to see what you can do as well as imagine the greatness of what we can offer. It is our way of saying: "We have the best stuff on the market. See for yourself".


Customer benefits

The module allows your customer to always see up to date and accurate product inventory data. In addition a client is notified about his order's status changes. With ERPLY Simple Prestashop integration module the orderring process for the client is automated, thus leaving no room for errors.


Configuring the ERPLY module

After installing the module to Prestashop admin area, please configure the following:

  •   Insert your ERPLY username
  •   Insert your ERPLY username’s password
  •   Insert the customer code for your ERPLY account
  •   Select the payment type to be marked for the orders transferred to ERPLY

Please note:

  •   When data is entered and "Sync taxes" is activated in Erply module, please press  "Sync taxes" button. This procedure is also required every time You update taxes in Erply and must be done before products sync.
  •   You can also set up cron for ongoing updates
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